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Pastor Nathan H.

“I began coaching sessions with Nancy during a time of significant personal and professional transition.  She and I worked together for eighteen months.  During this time, her wisdom, encouragement, and compassionate insight shaped me beyond measure and helped me to step into parenthood, a new ministry vocation, and a new city with connection, compassion, and courage.  Nancy became much more than a coach.  She is a true soul friend …”

Kim B.

“When I started working with Nancy, I had an agenda in my head of what I needed to do to move forward. From the beginning, she was able to think outside the box and launch me on a path that was actually more healthy and kinder to myself than I had thought to be. She has a way of working deeply with you yet is kind, insightful, and able to push you forward in ways you may not expect. I have felt much healing in the deepest parts of my heart working with Nancy.  I am truly grateful for the time we had together. It was an oasis in a turning point of my life where I felt lost and scared”

Valerie N.

"I didn’t realize how my toxic thinking was destroying my life.  Seeing myself through God’s eyes and reminding myself of how valuable I am to Him, has equipped me to overcome my negative self-talk for the rest of my life.

Nancy connected with me in such a kind and loving way, as she asked deeply probing questions, in a way that lifted the fog and brought clarity to my most broken places.”

Jennie C.

“Nancy has the unique ability to quickly connect, listen deeply and illuminate what lies beneath the surface. Her thoughtful questions and insights allow me to gain clarity and shift my perspective. She is committed to relating to me as someone who is fully capable of living my best life, and her confidence in my abilities provide me the courage to take on challenges. She is both lighthearted and deeply empathetic. Because of Nancy I am learning to live out of my true essence.”

Barbara C.

“You can’t put a price on becoming a ‘new you’.  In the long run, you may end up having more money, time & energy than you do because you won’t be the same confused and depressed person.  It’ll give you more confidence and help you discover who you really are so you can get out there and do what you need to do.  You might get that promotion because you’re confident.  You will become beautiful because you think you are!  There’s no price on this and the faster it happens – the better!”

John D.

“Coaching with Nancy helped me sharpen my focus of who I am, what I want out of life, why I want it, and to rediscover who God created me to be.

She helped me dig past the superficial and go deeper into what brings me joy and fulfillment and why so that I can find and bring joy to my everyday life and work. Coaching with Nancy also provided me with practical tools to develop a new mindset, rediscover joy and purpose, and fill me with encouragement, inspiration, and hope.

While I was hesitant to try coaching at first, looking back, I had nothing to lose and everything to gain, and I’m so glad I invested in myself through this process. It is time well spent.”

Christene S.

"Nancy shared one of the darkest times of my life with me.  She was the quiet calm, reassuring voice that helped me to continue to believe that better days were indeed ahead of me.

I felt so alone until I found Nancy.  Nancy’s encouragement swayed me back to the real truth of knowing that God never left me; that He was always, always with me.  Nancy’s gentle kindness and her wisdom truly gave me the hope I needed.  I will be forever grateful."