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Directionless Life? 

... or ...

Life with Direction!

Christian life coaching to guide you to YOUR God-designed purpose.

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You CAN live a fulfilled life!

(This is what God wants for us anyway!)

Reclaim Joy

If nothing was stopping you, what changes would you make to bring true joy to every aspect of your life?

Find Peace

What would your life be like if you lived completely grounded in the peace of God?

Receive Clarity

What would be possible if you had crystal clear understanding of where to go & what to do?

Experience Freedom

What if you CHOSE to experience genuine freedom ~ no matter WHAT circumstance you faced?

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Genuine Freedom Cannot Exist if Circumstances Dictate Your Decisions

- Do you wonder if you've missed something important?

- Does everyone else seem like they have their life together?

- Are you unsure who God designed you to BE?

- Are you confused by what He wants you to DO?

- Are you stressed & burned out?

- Are you afraid of making the wrong decision?

- Even though you try, is it hard to forgive others?

- Do you feel a sense of loneliness or isolation?

-  Do you feel like you aren't good enough?

- Are you angry at God or question if He's even there? 

Coaching with Nancy will help you replace the negative self-talk that plays over & over in your mind, with the Good News of who God says you are.

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What Others Are Saying...

Barbara C.

“You can’t put a price on becoming a ‘new you’.  In the long run, you may end up having more money, time & energy than you do now because you won’t be the same confused and depressed person..."

Kim B.

“Nancy has a way of working deeply with you, yet is kind, insightful and able to push you forward in ways you may not expect. I have felt much healing in the deepest parts of my heart working with Nancy..."

Pastor Nathan H.

"During this time, Nancy's wisdom, encouragement, and compassionate insight shaped me beyond measure and helped me to step into parenthood, a new ministry vocation, and a new city with connection, compassion, and courage..."

Valerie N.

"I didn’t realize how my toxic thinking was destroying my life.  Seeing myself through God’s eyes and reminding myself of how valuable I am to Him, has equipped me to overcome my negative self-talk for the rest of my life..."

Christene S.

"I felt so alone until I found Nancy.  Nancy’s encouragement swayed me back to the real truth of knowing that God never left me; that He was always, always with me."

Jennie C.

“Nancy has the unique ability to quickly connect, listen deeply, and illuminate what lies beneath the surface. Her thoughtful questions and insights allow me to gain clarity and shift my perspective..."


I'm Nancy Christenson

Hey there! It's so nice to Meet you!

Life happens.  Sometimes it’s hard.  Very hard.  We live in a broken world.  There IS a perfect place of love that is coming but is not here yet

So … realistically, how in the world can God expect us to live a life of strength and abundance in this broken and hurtful world?  On the surface, the idea that these two realities could ever coexist, seems impossible and ridiculous to consider!

However, because of the path I have walked so far, some clarity has come to me about these questions that are grounded in Scripture.  If you will indulge me briefly, I’d like to back up a bit first to give you some context of my journey to show how I arrived at my conclusions.  I’m hoping this perspective will help your thought process too! ...


You CAN live the life you desire!

Discover for yourself what Jesus meant when He said,

"My yoke is easy. My burden is light!"  (Matthew 11:30)

You'll wish you had done it sooner.

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2. Start working with Nancy

Typically, through weekly sessions, we use easy strategies that YOU choose, always through the lens of God's love for you.

3. Live Every Day With Fulfillment & Purpose

Break free from judgment & negativity!  Step into your genuine, God-ordained life purpose. 

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